by appleseed

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this album is nothing special, this album doesnt belong on iPods
my dad laughed at me when I showed him these songs


released July 6, 2014



all rights reserved


appleseed Clarksville, Tennessee

a 4 year old brain in a 17 year olds body
a real mess
in the physical category
emotional category
etc, etc, etc

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Track Name: MPHTISP
my body turns left my brain it turns right
i dont know what i am saying,
im just trying to not make it awwwwkkkwarrddd
my mouth just opens,
words just spill out
i didnt mean to offend you,
oh i would really want to date you!

and dont think im weird, i talk super fast
and dont think im weird, my pants are really tight
and dont think im weird, i dont like to fight
and dont think im weird, the doctor said i dont have 20/20 sight

its okay if you think im weird,
i think you're weird too
Track Name: who cares (demo)
I don't care
about a lot these days
I don't comb my hair
or brush my teeth
I leave the faucet dripping
Forget to turn the light off when I leave the room
I don't care about a lot these days

Waking up on time is hard
I'm not worried about the time
My clothes don't match like they used to
Not even my socks
i'm not worried about a lot
Track Name: black label
I've realized I'm not normal
I've realized I don't belong here,
Where is my ticket out of here
Track Name: cram me in your soot case
there's this girl
i just met through a party and virtual friendships
she just told me she's leaving in a month to go to Germany
How am I supposed to say goodbye when I haven't even had a chance to say hello?

Now I'm moving way too fast,
my dick can't even keep up
there went my chances,
all two of them
they slip through my hands like rubber,
this isn't baseball,
you don't get three strikes,

this girl lets me hangout in her bed,
so she hangs out in my head,
Track Name: waste time not money
im sorry sadie